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The new room exterior will be transformed into a Scandinavian sanctuary, emphasizing tranquility and minimalism. The house will be repainted in shades of white and soft gray to create a clean and bright appearance. The windows will be replaced with larger ones to allow more natural light to flood the interior, enhancing the airy feel. The front yard will be landscaped with subtle greenery, including low-maintenance plants and shrubs that add a touch of nature without overwhelming the space. Wooden and metal furniture, such as a simple bench or a small table, will be placed near the entrance to provide a welcoming touch. The addition of nature-inspired wall art and photography books displayed in the windows will further enhance the serene and organic ambiance. Plush textiles, such as cushions or throws, can be added to the outdoor seating area to incorporate the hygge-inspired furnishings, making the exterior both inviting and comfortable.