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The new room will be transformed into a retro-futuristic bathroom, blending nostalgic elements with futuristic design. The existing green tiles will be complemented with shades of pastels, metallics, and neon contrasts to create a bold and innovative look. The walls will feature vintage sci-fi poster wall art, adding a nostalgic touch. The ceiling will be painted in a metallic finish to enhance the space-age feel, and the window frame will be highlighted with neon lighting for a striking effect. Mid-century and futuristic furniture will be introduced, such as a streamlined vanity with geometric shapes and a metallic finish. The sink and fixtures will have a sleek, space-age design, possibly in chrome or brushed metal. Stylized surfaces, like a retro-futuristic mirror with LED backlighting, will add to the overall aesthetic. To complete the look, retro-futuristic decor items such as a vintage-inspired clock, space-themed accessories, and indoor plants in metallic planters will be strategically placed. The floor will be updated with a geometric pattern in pastel and neon colors, tying the entire design together. This transformation will create a bathroom that is both nostalgic and futuristic, embodying the essence of retro-futurism.