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The new room will be transformed into a sophisticated and refined bathroom that exudes contemporary elegance. The existing green tiles will be replaced with large-format, neutral-toned tiles in shades of beige or light gray to create a timeless and chic backdrop. The walls will be adorned with tasteful wall art, such as black-and-white photography or abstract pieces, to add a touch of sophistication. For the fixtures, opt for sleek and luxurious options in polished chrome or brushed gold to introduce opulence. A freestanding bathtub with elegant curves and a modern vanity with a marble countertop and exquisite metal handles will enhance the luxurious feel. The vanity will be complemented by a large, well-lit mirror with a stylish frame. To balance the space, incorporate wooden elements such as a teak stool or a small wooden shelf for added warmth and texture. The surfaces will be well-curated with meaningful decor, such as a tasteful vase, a few high-quality toiletries, and a photography book for a touch of intellectual charm. Indoor plants, like a small potted orchid or a fern, will bring a sense of freshness and comfort to the bathroom. The lighting will be soft and ambient, with a combination of recessed lights and a statement pendant light to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere. The overall design will be polished, timeless, and comfortable, making the bathroom a chic and luxurious retreat.